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Bandana Paisley - Assorted 12 Pack (Six Popular Colors)

Bandana Paisley - Assorted 12 Pack (Six Popular Colors)

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- Assorted bandanas
- paisley bandanas
- 100% cotton
- 21" x 21" ( 53 cm x 53 cm)
- Printed on both sides
- Pack of 12 (2 x 6 Colors)
- Prepackaged: Only includes colors shown, no substitutions

Bandanas are a very popular versatile fashion accessory. They are great in the summer to help you keep cool or in the winter to keep the cool air out. A bandana can also be used to dress up your pet all year round. You may even find bandanas on a hike being used as a trail marker. This is an assorted pack. This pack comes with the pre packaged colors shown and cannot be switched out for different ones.

Comes with two of each of the following colors:

Royal Blue
Dark Green